Our unique 1950s vintage dresses will make you feel like a shining star. They are superb for any situation no matter if casual, formal or special occasion. 1950's was the decade of dresses. Women wore them the same way as we wear t-shirts and jeans nowadays. Here at StripedDot.com we want to offer you a piece of the fabulous 50's. When it comes to creating eye catching 50's style, there are numerous if not endless ways to do it. 50's vintage dresses surely are a good starting point as that is what defines the whole iconic 1905's style. Whether you are experienced vintage stylist or just getting into the fifties style, these dresses are designed to convert you into a modern day pin-up star and to make you feel like living in a whole different decade! Our dresses are available in wide range of sizes to flatter all modern figures out there. Make sure to check sizing charts carefully as our sizes are normally running small.

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